October 10th 6pm: Robert Storr lecture at the Met

Bande à part, originally uploaded by Cristo Bedoya.

A lecture by Robert Storr, Dean, Yale University School of Art.

When people speak of images in art they usually mean more or less recognizable pictures, but from the early modernists like Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró on down through Jean-Michel Basquiat, John Baldessari, Bruce Nauman, and Jenny Holzer, artists have chosen to represent reality and speak their minds with texts rather pictures. This talk will address the larger issues of that dramatic change through close examination of some of the most important “wordsmiths” in the visual arts.


About Laura Forde

Laura’s passion for popular culture and design has lead to a diverse career in graphic design and art direction spanning editorial, identity, branding, advertising and interaction design. She was one of the founding employees of Wieden + Kennedy’s New York office, where she worked for five years—ultimately as design director. Laura has also worked in-house for brands such as Ralph Lauren and J. Crew, and in the editorial art departments of Details, George, and Elle, where she began her career assisting publication director Régis Pagniez. Laura Forde studied Art History and French at Smith College, and received her MFA in Design Criticism from the School of Visual Arts. She has taught graphic design at The Cooper Union School of Art, served on the board of AIGA/NY, and her writing about design has appeared in Eye, Back Cover, Big, The Daily Note, as well as the Japanese publication Petit Glam.

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