Thesis Anxiety is an online chronicle of design-related procrastination by Laura Forde, an MFA student in Design Criticism at the School of Visual Arts from 2008–2010. She is the author of the Master’s Thesis: “Objects to be Read, Words to be Seen: Design and Visual Language in the Films of Jean-Luc Godard 1959–1967.”

The title of this blog is inspired by Alain be Botton’s Status Anxiety, and examines the origins of Laura’s Thesis Anxiety, as well as revealing ingenious ways in which she distracts herself, then rationalizes the distraction, and ultimately overcomes her fear of spectacular failure in her search for academic success. In addition to providing trenchant insights into the world of design, Thesis Anxiety should occasionally be funny.


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  1. Gregory Ames

    Your site is ravishing, challenging and a delight. Do you know of a list of films in which books appear – as Godard so often uses them – whether or not they play an intimate role plotwise in the film? THANKS.

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